Thursday, April 20, 2006

Asthmatic Kite Runner

When I was kicking around the idea of being a doctor, my Neurophysiologist Uncle told me to read every book I ever wanted to read before going, because you wouldn't ever read for pleasure again. I scoffed as I often do at such unbelievable things. Well, the rumor was true.

Today on Graham Azon's blog (over my med body) he posted a pdf about a woman with perfect autobiographical memory for the past 26 years. I clicked it open and saw that it was 15 pages long. Well, I'll never get to know about that lady becuase I don't have 15 pages of free time.

And that's the way I look at books now. A 350pg book isn't some amazing journey through the life of such n such; it's 4 days of waste with a 3rd place ribbon on my test (C). Nope, I'll never know what it's like to fly kites in Afghanistan. Too bad. Instead I'm learning about Asthma.

Though flying a kite would hit the spot right about now.


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